We use Conscious Discipline®

Our goal is to provide relaxed, recreational and educational programs in a child-centred environment, where children can safely learn through play. This philosophy is guided by Conscious Discipline®, an approach which encourages the educators working with your child(ren) to consciously respond to daily conflict, transforming it into an opportunity to teach critical life skills to children.

The Conscious Discipline® focus begins with providing safety, both physically and emotionally, for all children; then creates an environment that aids in healthy connections among and with children, in order to facilitate meaningful problem solving.

Our Program Statement

The Corporation has developed a Program Statement that reflects that we see children as competent , capable and rich in potential. Our Educators support our Program Statement by offering children a variety of experiences to strengthen their learning, development, health and wellbeing while in our care.


Early Childhood Educators begin by establishing guidelines for child care safety. Routines are established that reflect the orderly expectations of the program, such as turn taking, respectful listening, and following directions.

Each centre has a Safe Place to assist children in developing emotional control and self-regulation. The Safe Place is a specific cozy corner or quiet area where children can choose to go to settle their emotions when they feel any sort of upset.


Early Childhood Educators form relationships with each child which aids in providing individual support and guidance. Encouraging language is used in order to acknowledge how a child has contributed to the group or made a positive choice.

Each child has a job in the program, allowing them to see themselves as helpful to others, and to create a value of service.

Problem Solving

Early Childhood Educators respond to conflict with positive intent. Conflict is a natural part of relationships, therefore educators provide children with the tools to walk through a conflict in a way that allows them to learn a new skill, or to deepen their understanding of others.

With guidance, children are given the opportunity to try a more helpful approach to problem solving, and learn effective strategies to deal with conflict.